The Pacific Maritime Club

Is the leading P&I insurer


Protection and Indemnity insurance, or as it is more commonly known – ‘P&I’, is third party legal liability insurance for ship owners, operators and charterers


FD&D (Freight, Demurrage and Defense) provides assistance to Members for the cost of legal representation and expert advice in relation to claims, disputes and other matters of a shipping nature which are not already covered by P&I and are not covered by any other form of insurance


Despite modern technical and technological progress safety at sea is far from being absolute


This insurance covers a shipowner’s liabilities arising under a contract of carriage where they normally would have cover


The “charterer’s liability insurance” is a type of marine insurance. Most ships are chartered either on a time charter or voyage charter contract

War Risk​​

Loss or damage caused by an act of war including civil war, revolution, rebellion, riot, hijacking or detention whereas normally these risks are excluded from the usual coverage

Marine consulting management (marine surveyor)


The Pacific Maritime Club is the leading P&I insurer within the region, underwriting standard P&I covers as set out in the Rules. The Club is reinsured by Central Insurance, which is a state run organization, fully supported by the Government. Our clients include ship owners, operators, and charters of various vessel types, whom we are committed to serving their Protection and Indemnity needs professionally. Wave Friends Club covers against the following liabilities, should an owner/ operator/ charter require wider covers, the underwriting department is prepared to discuss, provide legal expertise and accommodate such requests if desired: Liability for Crew and other persons; Stowaways and refugees; Collision; Cargo; Pollution; Wreck removal; Legal costs, sue & labor; F.F.O; Fines; S.O.L and T.C.L.

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